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Patina your rain chain!

Our pure copper rain chains are easy to age if you want to quickly achieve a nice green/blue patina. Keep in mind that this only works on PURE copper, and we are the only company to assay our material for purity.

1. Purchase Simple Green bio-friendly cleaner. Available at many supermarkets, home improvement stores, etc.
2. Make up a spray bottle with full-strength Simple Green in it.
3. Suspend the rain chain in an area where runoff won't matter (flowerbeds/landscaping not recommended!)
4. Spray down the entire chain, making sure to get good coverage on all surfaces (don't worry, you can always go over it again later).
5. Wait and watch. It takes several days to achieve a complete reaction. You'll see more yellow in the color at first, but that should disappear over time, and the greens and blues will get richer and richer.

NOTES: Only one treatment should be necessary. Your colors may vary, depending on ambient temperatures and humidity.

Here is a picture showing before and after - good luck!


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