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installing rain chains

Here is a step-by-step installation, replacing an old metal gutter downspout with our LRC1 aged lotus rain chain.
Total time from start to finish, including taking the photographs, was 15 minutes!

Before ____________________________________

A typical painted aluminum downspout, attached to a porch support.

Remove the old Downspout ___________________________________

1/4" nuts are removed to undo the straps that hold the downspout. The downspout is very lightweight and easy to carry away.

Install the Rain Chain


The rain chain is passed up through the hole and the V hook (included) is bent to fit and passed through (or dropped in from above. The weight of the chain holds the hook against the bottom of the gutter.




What a difference! The water coming down the chain makes a beautiful sound, and the entire area is "opened up" with this elegant addition.

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