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Copper Bells™ #3124 (US patents D515, 184S / D519,600S)

Technical Specifications

cup width:
cup height:
bottom opening:
standard length:
# cups (std. length):

2 1/2"
1 1/4"
8 feet

Waterflow Index™ 4/5
Our patented pure copper bell cups are breathtaking! Beware of cheap copies!

They feature a folded lip at the top (for stiffness), large decorative wire connectore nuts, and hand hammered accents.
With a 1" opening in the bottom of each cup, they will handle all waterflow conditions. Our copper is thick and tested for purity. This product will last a lifetime.

To prevent damage in transit and reduce packaging volume, the upper wires are shipped separately from the cups, so some assembly is required -- it takes just a few minutes with no tools.
See our Resources page for a video guide: 

Comes with a free V-hook for installation, we also recommend our RCR-1 Installation Kit.

Also available in Aluminum #3124-AL:

Standard Length - 8 feet

Price: $179

To order the standard length, click the button below:


Custom Length
For chains over 20 feet in length, please contact us at (818) 347-6455.

Enter the length here (whole numbers only, no decimals):

To purchase more than one custom length, return to this page from the shopping cart and add the next chain

Ordering and Information : call toll-free (888) 480-RAIN (7246).
International customers please call (818) 347-6455.

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Every chain comes with a gutter attachment piece

To order call toll free 888-480-RAIN (7246)

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