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about us

Garm Beall, CEOGarm Beall, owner & designer
email: sales@rainchains.com

Customer testimonialRainChains.com was founded in 2001 on the themes of creative functionality and superior customer service. Garm made a commitment to design interesting and functional rain chains, to produce only the highest quality (backed by measurable testing) and to support that quality with the best customer service anywhere.

With 70+ rain chain products, we have the widest selection and the highest quality in our industry, and we will continue to lead by regularly introducing appealing and functional new designs. We ship our products to every state in the U.S.A. and to many foreign countries.

We try to make the visitor experience as comfortable as possible and as close to "walking into a store" as possible. We buy products online ourselves, and we know when it just "doesn't feel right" on a website. Since we're sure you'll enjoy your rain chain products for many years to come, we want the website to provide a safe, secure customer experience.

Environmental Responsibility

Our company strives to have as low an impact as possible on the environment. We take steps to reduce our consumption of resources, and are always looking for new methods to accomplish this goal.

  • We use non-toxic, "renatured" peanuts instead of styrofoam. These are made of pure cornstarch and melt on contact with water.
  • We re-use packaging materials that come to us, including bubble wrap, boxes and peanuts.
  • We shred junk mail and other non-sensitive documents and use the shreddings for shipping.
  • We recycle our cardboard, office paper and inkjet cartridges.
  • We recycle our copper, steel, brass and aluminum scrap metal.

Our products are the only ones tested for radioactivity, and we guarantee them to be safe!

Rainchains proudly supports the following organizations:

Sierra Club

To order call toll free 888-480-RAIN (7246)

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