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Fancy Koi Fish copper rain chain #S-103

Technical Specifications

standard length:
# of fish:
top opening:
bottom opening:
length of fish:

8 feet
1 1/8"

Waterflow Index™ 4/5

An intricately designed, handcrafted piece of art, the Koi Fish rain chain incorporates the famous Japanese icon and transforms it into a functional rain chain. Each cup is over 9" long!

Made of pure copper, with finely detailed body and fins, the chain will age beautifully out doors, providing many years of enjoyment.

Comes with a copper V-hook for easy installation, or you can purchase our Copper Installation Kit.

Standard Length - 8 feet

Our Price: $339.95

To order the standard length, click the button below:


Custom Length
For chains over 20 feet in length, please contact us at (818) 347-6455.

Enter the length here (whole numbers only, no decimals):

To purchase more than one custom length, return to this page from the shopping cart and add the next chain


Ordering and Information : call toll-free (888) 480-RAIN (7246).
International customers please call (818) 347-6455.

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Every chain comes with a gutter attachment piece

To order call toll free 888-480-RAIN (7246)

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