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Star Flower "aged" copper rain chain #3147

Technical Specifications:

cup width:
cup length:
bottom opening:
standard length:
# of cups (standard length):

3 1/2"
2 7/8"
1 1/4"
8 feet

Waterflow Index™ 4.5/5

Our aged Star Flower design is multi-sided! Individually crafted by hand, each side is welded to the next - this is not a cheap, stamped product!

The coloring is not a patina, the torch itself causes this same pre-aging effect as on our square cup and Arts & Crafts designs. Looks 100 years old right out of the box!

We also have a natural, unfinished copper Star Flower here (#3146)

(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

Standard Length - 8 feet

Price: $159
To order the standard length, click the button below:


Custom Length
For chains over 20 feet in length, please contact us at (818) 347-6455.

Enter the length here (whole numbers only, no decimals):

To purchase more than one custom length, return to this page from the shopping cart and add the next chain

Ordering and Information : call toll-free (888) 480-RAIN (7246).
International customers please call (818) 347-6455.

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Every chain comes with a gutter attachment piece

To order call toll free 888-480-RAIN (7246)

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